Relieve stress by going uwu over these 7 cutiepatootie creatures!

Are you getting tired of feeling all cooped up in all the corners of your home? Keep missing all the outside things you don’t have at home? Been wanting to take a walk outside or maybe watch a movie in a cinema? Even scrolling on your phone and sleeping is getting boring, huh?

Get some relief from all the stress by watching cutiepatootie creatures going all cute and doing all their cute antics. No need to go high and low to search animals in all their cute glory, because we have them listed down just for you! Here are some cutie fur babies you can livestream in your home!

1.) Lions (Stream at Smithsonian’s National Zoo & Conservation Biology Institute)

Photo by Shutterstock

If you enjoyed watching The Lion King as a kid (or maybe even now as an adult), then you probably will get hooked watching these social felines go about their day. Oh, and by the way, did you know that a lion’s roar is not majestic as you have known it is? Did you know that the sound of Leo the Lion, the mascot for the Hollywood film studio, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, makes is actually of a tiger? Listen to how a lion actually roars in this livestream and watch them do their own business.

2.) Polar Bears (Stream at San Diego Safari Park)

Photo by Polar Bears International

There are no polar bears here in the Philippines so having to watch these pretty white (and wild) creatures really could be captivating. With their soft-looking and fluffy fur-covereed bodies could help you relax better rather than stressing yourself on things yu could not control while at home.

3.) Giraffes (Stream at San Diego Safari Park)

Photo grabbed from Dosomething.Org

If you think you are the unluckiest creature on the planet, think again, because Giraffes could have a hot coffee but would have cold coffee instead once it hits their tummies. Just kidding! We are not really sure if they could drink coffee. Anyway, these tall and yet adorable creatures sure are a wonder to watch, so get yourself a full of them in this livestream.

4.) Penguins (Stream at Vancouver Aquarium)

Photo grabbed form The New York Times

These clumsy litol birdies is absolutely an enjoyment to watch. Their waddle is probably the most cute thing you would ever see, alongside their sudden falling around and random tumbles. Watch these romantic creatures go waddling over stones or diving into the water.

5.) Sea Otters (Stream at Vancouver Aquarium)

Photo grabbed from Monterey Bay Aquarium

Do you like Benedict Cumberbatch? If you do, then you probably have heard how his facial expressions could pass as an otter! These furry marine mammals are too cute for their own good. Switch up the cuteness if you wanna see them on land or underwater, because this livestream has both camera for that.

6.) Cats & Kittens (Stream at

Photo grabbed from Love to Know

These easily loved  fur babies can no doubt melt anyone’s heart. If you want to have a cat, but can’t get one, then take a peek at these endearing furballs while they are being cared for and enjoying the attention being given to them.

7.) Dogs & Puppies (Stream at

Photo by American Kennel Club

Of course, dubbed as man’s best friend, these babies truly belong in this list. Regardless, if they are a doggo or a pupper, they definitely deserve all the boops they could get as they go all floof in this livestream!

If you just could not stop yourself from getting a dose of cuteness more than what you could handle, there still are a lot of livestream videos you could watch such as for tigers, apes, baboons, birds, koalas, elephants, pandas, and even fishies. Go nuts!

*Featured photo by Pets World

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