What’s in it for me when I contribute to The PH Archipelago.

Exposure to bigger audience
Your work will be posted to The PH Archipelago‘s website, each articles will be shared in our Social Media Platforms in Facebook and Instagram. Our Instagram Page has over 95,000 followers with an average reach of 250,000 per week. Our Facebook Page has over 35,000 followers with an average reach of 100,000 per week.

The love of writing
Some people are born to write awesome and fantastic articles. The idea is to have a platform with a very vibrant community that will appreciate your work.

As senior contributors, you will get exclusive invites to hotels, restaurants, cafes, and events. You will also be getting free gift certificates from a number of restaurants and establishments.

Enhance your writing skills
By continuously contributing to The PH Archipelago, you will only get better at your craft. The Co-founder and  Editor in Chief of The PH Archipelago is an experienced Blogger and will definitely assist you as you grow.

Improve your portfolio
Being a contributor/correspondent for The PH Archipelago will definitely give your resume a boost. Writing about the top destinations, hotels, restaurants and establishments in the Philippines will give you the certain experience you need that will translate to a better job for you with top companies.

Recognition of your work
Your profile will be added to our list of Contributors and Correspondents where our audience will see all your work. You will be given a space where you can describe yourself and highlight your resume.

Get the most fun!
You will be joining a very fun team of Writers, Photographers and Content Creators. You will also get to meet a lot of people as you go around the metro and the country featuring the top hotels, restaurants and establishments. You will get a chance to meet celebrities when you cover media launches and similar events.

It’s a very exciting time to join us as we believe that we are a fast growing travel and food community in the Philippines. The growth will definitely be exponential and we will soon need senior contributors and correspondents like you!