Yuki Café: What do you do with savories, you ask? Well, you savor them!

We have a tried a lot of dining concepts, but we also know we are far from having to try everything, because every year, hundreds continue to open! That being said, we have tried a bunch of Japanese restaurants, but not really much of Japanese cafes.

With that, we recently got to try this fairly new modern Japanese café at this fairly new mall in Makati, too. The Yuki Café is located at The Assembly Grounds at Malugay, Makati and they are really putting the comfort in comfort food, we are telling you! Alongside a bright and minimalist style, Yuki Café is an all-day Japanese Café filled with warmth to cuddle you up and just make you feel good inside.

Their menu, although they are new, is loaded with Modern Japanese options that surely would have you drooling in no time. They have pastas, rice bowls, waffles and pancakes, and a whole lot more, so better make your way to Yuki Café, take a seat, and just let yourself indulge in yumminess! 

1. Salad

If you are a healthy eater, then you sure will have options here at Yuki café as they have some delectable salads for you to munch on. Their Kani Salad (Php 190) is of crab sticks tossed with mango pieces, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, and Japanese mayo, while their Ramen Salad (Php 180) is of ramen noodles tossed in light sesame oil dressing and topped with Japanese julienned vegetables, crabsticks, and egg.

2. Pasta

If you went for their salad only as a starter, then why don’t you grab a plate or two from their Pasta selection, too? Yuki Café’s pasta dishes use spaghetti and trying out even just a few would certainly get you hooked in no time. Their Vongole Pasta (Php 250) which is a plate of clams cooked in white wine, Italian parsley, and olive oil and their Carbonara (Php 320) which is actually made with egg, butter, parmesan, cream, and bacon, are just lip-smacking good!

3. Rice Bowls

To further carb things up, do not dare miss out on their rice bowls, because we know how much you just can’t live with it, don’t you agree? Their Beef Gyudon (Php 290) is a bowl of steamed white rice topped with beef and onions simmered in a mildly sweet sauce and a poached egg; their Hamburg in Curry Sauce (Php 250) is of seasoned beef and pork patty served in mild curry sauce on a bed of steamed rice; and their Katsudon (Php 280) is of a yummy breaded and fried pork tenderloin simmered with onions and leeks in light soy dressing and laid over white rice.

4. Entrees

Opting for rice bowls, you might want to go even heavier and just head straight into Yuki Café’s entrees like their Beef Sukiyaki (Php 390), which is a favorite, as this one is of thinly sliced beef simmered with vegetables, tofu, glass noodles in beef broth, served with raw egg; their Prawn Tempura (Php 290) which is of lightly battered and fried prawns and vegetables, served with dipping sauce; and their Chicken Karaage (Php 260) which is of scrumptious battered and fried boneless chicken pieces served with Japanese mayo and cabbage.

5. Sandwiches

And of course, if you are only up for a quick bite, Yuki Café won’t fail you still, because they got some must-try sandwiches that undeniably are a hand-held treat. Their sandwiches are lightly toasted and served with nori-seasoned potato chips, just like their Ham & Cheese Sandwich (Php 280). Yummy, indeed!

Yuki café really is a wonderful all-day modern Japanese café that is actually developed locally, but don’t worry they have an expert Japanese consultant chef in order to stay true to the flavors of Japan, specifically Hokkaido, all the while taking into consideration the palate of the Filipinos, too!

You might also want to grab some beverages of theirs, because they have a bunch, too, such as coffee, tea, and even juices!

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