5 Reasons Why Going Back to Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay is absolutely worth it!

Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay has warmly welcomed us to their castle-like ambiance and we are here thinking reasons to justify another visit! But then again, we don’t need any kind of justification when Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay is our subject of going back to because it sure has swept us up off of our feet and has pulled our heart strings into wanting to stay with them even longer than the first time we did, and here are our reasons why:

1.) Accommodating staff and crew

There is no denying that the warmth of people around us has been something we always lean more into. Who would want to be surrounded by cold, rude people anyway, right? And with that, the staff and crew of Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay sure were friendly and have made sure our stay was exceptional each and every chance they get.

2.) Our room, specifically our bathtub!

We were fortunate to have indulged ourselves in one of Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay’s 2-Bedroom Family Suite which includes a lovely living room and a spacious dining area. However, as much as we loved our room, what really topped it all off was our bathtub in which we really took our time in as we get to be the royalties that we are in each of our own private time in surprisingly the comfort room!

3.) The Pool

Obviously, we love dipping into the waters and that includes taking a dip on a much larger scale than our bathtub. Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay’s Heated Outdoor Infinity Pool is everything we imagined it to be and more! People who have swam there or even just had the chance to see it could vouch for this as we really took our time enjoying ourselves in it. Plus the view from there is just really exquisite.

4.) Scenic Views

Speaking about views… This is indeed another reason for us to go back to Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay! Heights are a fear of some, yes, and we understand that as it is overwhelming, but then again, being able to see everything from up there has given us a sense of a breather, even like an escape from everything that is happening, and that is what we loved about the views we have delighted in here.

5.) Pastries, specifically their Cheesecake!

Last, but absolutely not the least, their pastries! Oh, for heaven’s sake, you have got to try their Cheesecake! Sinking our teeth into it was pure gratification and we are not exaggerating at all. We would not be putting it here and talking about it like crazies if it was not true. Anyway, not only is their cheesecake a must-try as we also got to dig into their Tablea Cake which is sumptuous as well, so better have a taste of that too because Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay has a bunch of pastries and you can gobble your way through everything by starting with these two.

No sugarcoating or whatnot, we would gladly drive our way back to Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay to experience everything all over again, especially the bathtub and the cheesecake. We are a group of simple people, so these simple things bring so much joy to our hearts already, making our spirits feel lighter every second we spend here, and if you have not stayed with Twin lakes Hotel, Tagaytay; well, darling, we are telling you, you definitely should!

Read more about our overall experience at Twin Lakes Hotel, Tagaytay here as well as drink and dine with us as we munch on some goodies at their Twin lakes Café here and here drinking some rejuvenating bev from their Zabana Bar here.

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