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6 Ways to Making the World a Better Place: Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort on Sustainability and Why it is the New Trend

Our planet is as old as time, maybe it is even older, and with that it has been through so much – good things and bad. There is no denying how it is having a hard time coping up with everything that is happening like urbanization, advancement in a lot of fields, among others. Don’t get us wrong, improving our

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Hotel Jen Manila: Enjoying that Jen Feeling while falling in love with Manila all over again

One of the many reasons why Filipinos love to travel is because of the fact that not only you get to enjoy the beautiful sights, meet new people but also because you get to know the culture and gain new experiences.  Right now, transportation alone can cost a fortune if you really want to explore those great places. It doesn’t

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