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All Tollways are to Adopt Cashless Transactions

As people have gone online for almost everything, cashless payments are also preferred and encouraged. Both have made lives easier and have given people zero to less exposure to infections. That being said, The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has mandated all tollways engage in cashless or contactless transactions starting November 02, 2020. This is to adhere to the new normal

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Quarantine creativity: 19-year-old Cebu student uses soy sauce to make art

As the quarantine keeps everyone at home for their safety, many young Filipinos spend their time honing their skills and creativity, finding ways to express themselves. With all this free time on their hands, there are those who even go the extra mile when it comes to being creative. This was certainly the case for 19-year-old communication student Thea Sophia

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Manila Marriott’s Mooncakes Bring Luck and Fortune

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival with this hand-crafted delicacy to attract good luck and prosperity! This year’s mooncake in a soft and golden brown skin is elegantly arranged in a luxurious crimson red latticed box with gold stamping and patterns of cherry blossoms. Aside from the whole salted duck egg at the center, flavors of the filling vary from white lotus

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Richmonde Hotel Iloilo Wins Awards From The Biggest International Travel Sites

Touted as the trailblazer in the first class hotel category in Iloilo City, Richmonde Hotel Iloilo, a member of the Megaworld Hotels group, was recently honored by the world’s most reputable travel platform, TripAdvisor, and two of the biggest online travel agencies, Agoda and of the Expedia Group company, with awards that recognized its excellence in customer service and

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How To Apply For A Non-Professional Driver’s License

After getting a Student Driver’s Permit and learning how to drive, it is time for you to either get a Non-Professional Driver’s License or a Professional Driver’s License. Here, we will be discussing the application for a Non-Professional Driver’s License. A Non-Professional Driver’s License is a type of license applicable to individuals who are planning to drive motorcycles and vehicles

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Movies at Sundown: SM Cinema give their patrons an old-school treat of watching their must-see films on the big screen

This pandemic really did a number on all of the people. New ways have been adopted in order to cope up with these ever-changing times, so it is no surprise that businesses have started to innovate and apply new ways in delivering the services they are offering, too. One of the many things that people seem to miss is most

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