Free Birthday Pizzas for March Celebrants with Mimi & Bros

It’s really happening. Not a figment of the imagination nor a clickbait. Mimi & Bros  celebrates its fourth birthday this March and beams  “Happy”  to its patrons. For the entire month of March, free pizza is on Mimi & Bros for lucky customers born in March.

Photo by Mimi & Bros

The free pizza is none other than the Mimi & Bros signature Pepperoni Dirty Bird PIzza. This best-selling pizza is a unique Crispy Fried Chicken experience topped with pizza sauce, pepperoni, and mozzarella.

The rule is simple and straightforward. Customers who are born in March can avail themselves of one free signature Mimi & Bros Pepperoni Dirty Bird Pizza when they purchase any food from Mimi & Bros’ menu. No minimum amount is required.

To avail of the promo, customers must present proof of birth through a valid ID (Government ID, company ID, Passport, etc). The customer must then like or follow Mimi & Bros on Facebook or Instagram. A screenshot is enough to serve as proof.

The promo is valid for any food purchase and is exclusive only for in-store purchases. Those in groups must bear in mind that a maximum of two free Dirty Bird Pizzas may be claimed per group.

Photo by Mimi & Bros

Mimi & Bros is a concept restaurant that was started in 2018 and was inspired by the walk up bars in Los Angeles with immediate access to the street outside. Through the years, the restaurant has put a strong emphasis on “Happy” as its decor exudes precisely this carefree vibe, and more importantly, Mimi & Bros’ food brings about instantaneous happiness to customers.

Head Chef of Mimi & Bros, Edward Bugia states, “We are so excited to have this promo for the month of March. This is our way of thanking our loyal customers and as well as attracting new ones to enjoy our brand of Happy with our food. We know that times are tough and so this is a sure way to give people a reason to smile through what we know best — food.”

The restaurant is open for Al Fresco Dining from 11AM-12AM on weekdays and 7AM-12AM on weekends at Crossroads BGC, 32nd St.

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