Where to get cute and classy face masks to stylize your “new normal” days

We’ve honestly lost count on how many days or weeks we’re put into community quarantine here in Manila, but what always put in mind are the health protocols and safety guidelines as advised by our professionals because who wants to catch the virus, huh? One of the easiest and safest way to protect ourselves (not to mention now mandatory) and out loved ones is wearing face masks. Good thing we have loooots of creative people who are not just super kind to start up a business like this but also super artsy that they did not forget to get stylish while keeping us safe.

Health experts note that your masks and even PPEs should be both comfortable, safe and of recommended quality. It also should *obviously* not be so tight or so thick that we can’t breathe normally anymore, but before getting to our recommended list, we should always check – are these masks safe? More so, are we confident it can protect us from COVID-19?

Are fabric masks safe?​

I was also hesitant to use fabric and fiber masks at first, as it’s just common sense they’re not 100% safe against viruses like Corona. During the first couple of months of community quarantine, I used to trust only medical or surgical masks and dispose them carefully and safely. Plus, we all are aware “medical masks should be prioritized for health workers, symptomatic people and their caregivers.” 

Good thing WHO released these guidelines on how to properly and safely use fabric masks. It’s recommended that we use 3-ply masks, but since most of these masks are only 2-ply, it just makes sense why we really need to add another disposable filter/layer. What I personally do is still wear medical masks (since production now is continuously increasing) to add more protection and wear fabric mask on top of that as well, just to keep my look more colorful and happy. ❤

But please, be more aware of the disadvantages of wearing (ANY TYPE OF) masks. While it protects us from the virus, they “could increase potential for COVID-19 to infect a person if the mask is contaminated by dirty hands and touched often, or kept on other parts of the face or head and then placed back over the mouth and nose.” So effective handwashing, disinfecting, and disposing of masks is still they key!

Where to buy colorful and fun masks?

1. Eco Warrior PH​

Eco Warrior PH’s Abaca Fiber Face Mask is proudly made in Misamis Oriental, Mindanao.  It is made of abaca paper & have 7x higher protection rating because of its density, filtration and its water repellency is way superior than of an ordinary cloth mask. (DOST Department of Science & Technology approved!) Also, decomposition is faster & friendlier to the environment as no plastic or harmful chemicals were used in its development & production.

  • How much? – Only Php150 each and available in seafoam, oil, rose, cloud, clay, ocean, honey, and more!
  • How to order? – Just send them a message on Instagram – yup, that easy! Plus, they ship the items nationwide!

Instagram: @ecowarriorph
Facebook: Eco Warrior PH

2. Northern Looms​

Northern Looms’ ofers Abel Iloco Masks which are handwoven locally in Ilocos province, so each mask has it’s own unique design. You can also choose from a wide variety of patterns and colors as well.The masks have a pocket for filter, and Northern Looms boasts its durability for a reasonable price. Since it’s handmade, you can actually request for upgrading to water repellent lining and addition of nose wire for a very minimal cost. Plus, they are open for resellers, so if you are thinking of a profitable business, here you go!

  • How much? – Php150 for one unique and super Pinoy mask!
  • How to order? – Message them on Instagram – again, super easy. And yes, they ship worldwide!

Instagram: @northernlooms
Facebook: Northenlooms

3. Masabel Iloco​

Can’t get enough of handwoven masks? (I feel you.) Here’s another online find I saw while browsing Instagram. These masks are locally made, washable, and reversible. Yep, you can show one nice design today and the other side for next week (after sanitizing, of course).

Aside from these stylish and colorful masks, they also offer modern Filipiniana apparels and bags. They also have a super cute PPE set!

  • How much? – Small size: Php200 each; Large size: Php250 each 
    How to order? – You can shop via their Instagram accounts or send them a message at +639175225296 or masabel.iloco@gmail.com

Instagram: @masabel.iloco and @masabel.tienda
Facebook: Masa Clothing

4. All Things Joy PH ​

These Statement Masks from All Things Joy are 3-ply masks, with nose wire, blow proof, water proof and has pocket for filter additional filter. It’s kind of smaller than the usual face masks, so it’s best for people who has small face structures. 

  • How much? – it sells for Php129 each, and for every three pieces, you’ll get a free pack of PM 2.5 filter good for one-month use.
    How to order? – You can shop via their Instagram. Send them a DM to check on-hand designs, as some of them are also available as pre-orders.

Instagram: @allthingsjoyph

5. Serendipity Manila​

According to the seller, materials used for these super cute printed masks are from the family of microfiber. It’s also 3-ply, water-repellent, blow proof and it also has a pocket for additional filter.

  • How much? – Each mask costs Php150.
  • How to order? – You can shop via their Instagram account or via their Shopee page.

Instagram: @serendipity.manila

6. Coppermask ​

The brand claims it has strong antimicrobial layer that helps kill 99.9% of germs. It also has superior bacteria exterminator effect with comfortable respiration (the copper film is really thin and lightweight). 

One box includes 1 piece of CopperMask Antimicrobial Film and 10 pieces of non-woven fabric filter.

  • How much? – Php350 per box.
  • How to order? – visit and shop via through link: Coppermask

7. Rafikimono​

Rafiki-Masks have a silk-polyester outer and a bamboo microfiber inner for utmost comfort. The bamboo layer that touches your face is hypoallergenic, super soft, and cooling. They have a single tie making them easy to put on and take off, as well as actually fit faces of different shapes and sizes well. They’re also washable and have a pocket for an additional filter or surgical mask in case you want to add one.

You can check out Rafiki-mask availabilities here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1NYpgjQzxt4rXaibmCY1OEw1Efdg7BaFK

  • How much? – Php1,200 each, and they also ship worldwide! 
  • How to order? – You can send a DM to their IG page anytime! ❤

Instagram: @rafikimono
Facebook: Rafikimono

8. Mabaya Manila​

One of my faves! Not only because it’s cheap, but it’s also comfy and fits perfectly with any attire be it pambahay or pang-rampa! These masks are made with a unique combination of embroidered and high quality neoprene fabric. It’s the usual 2-ply with filter insert, completely breathable, definitely washable, and eco-friendly. Plus it’s classy!

  • How much? – Php25 each; with free 10pcs disposable non-woven fabric filter.
  • How to order? – Send them a message on the IG or call and/or text +639565609932 for inquiries

Instagram: @mabayamanila

9. La Mama Manila

So you love simple yet colorful designs on comfy and very soft to skin fabrics for your masks? La Mama Manila got you, fam! They also have girly printed and plain masks that are perfect pair for your everyday OOTD. All masks are double ply with pockets for extra filter. 

  • How to order? – Just message them your details and preferred design/s via Instagram and expect your masks arrive at your doorstep 2-4 days if you’re within Metro Manila.

Instagram: @lamamamanila

10. Linya Linya​

I just got a mask mail (wel, there’s food mail and plant mail, so maybe that’s a thing now) from Linya Linya and I loooove them! I got the Work From Hope, Di Lang Nakikita Pero Naka-Smile Ako, and Huminga, Magpahinga.

These facemasks are made from microfiber & ripstop (outer part), CVC cotton (inner part), w/ extra pocket for filtration— at siyempre, may kasama ring ngiti para sa bibili! Kuha na para #MaskMasaya

  • How much? – Price is Php199 each. It has only one size, but it’s too big for me, honestly. But I’m sure my mom can adjust that. LOL
  • How to order? – You may order via their website. 

Instagram: @linyalinya
Website: https://www.linyalinya.ph/

Before ending this article, here’s another reminder that fabric face masks do not guarantee your 100% safety from COVID-19, however, WHO recommends using such to minimize transfer of the virus when you’re in a public place where social distancing is not being practiced.

Also, masks are just one of the preventive measures we currently have against COVID-19. Read more about proper handwashing, eating healthy, and more helpful WHO advice to the public HERE.

Words and art by themhayonnaise.

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