How To Apply For A Non-Professional Driver’s License

After getting a Student Driver’s Permit and learning how to drive, it is time for you to either get a Non-Professional Driver’s License or a Professional Driver’s License. Here, we will be discussing the application for a Non-Professional Driver’s License.

A Non-Professional Driver’s License is a type of license applicable to individuals who are planning to drive motorcycles and vehicles with up to 4,500 GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight). Applications for a new Non-Professional Driver’s License can be submitted at any LTO District Office, Licensing Center, and Extension Office that processes Driver’s License transactions.

Photo by LTO Exam Reviewer

Qualifications for Non-Professional Driver’s License

  • Applicant must be at least eighteen (18) years old.
  • Applicant must be physically and mentally able to drive a motor vehicle.
  • Applicant must be able to read and write English, Filipino, or any applicable local dialect.
  • Applicant must be a holder of a valid Student Permit issued at least thirty (30) days before the Non-Professional Driver’s License application.
  • Applicant must have completed a minimum of 8 hours of practical driving lessons given by an LTO-accredited and TESDA-certified driving school 
  • Foreign Applicant must be residing in the Philippines for at least one (1) month and will stay in the country for at least one (1) year from date of application.

Requirements for Non-Professional Driver’s License

  • Duly accomplished original Application Form for Driver’s License (ADL)
  • Electronically transmitted medical certificate in LTO prescribed form (present hard copy)
  • Additional Requirements:

Additional Requirements for Non-Professional Driver’s License

  • Original valid Student-Driver’s Permit
  • For foreigner applicants, original and one photocopy of passport with entry date of at least one (1) month and visa duration of at least six (6) months from date of application, or if born in the Philippines, original and one photocopy of birth certificate duly authenticated by National Statistics Office (NSO) / Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

Procedure to Obtaining Non-Professional Driver’s License

Step 1 Submission of Requirements

Submit all the documentary requirements for the Non-Professional Driver’s License Application to the LTO Office’s receiving personnel

Step 2 Review of Your Qualification and Submitted Documents

After submitting your requirements, the receiving personnel will then check the completeness of the documents and then transfer to the evaluator which will then review the applicant’s qualifications. If you are qualified, your application will then be encoded in the system.

Step 3 Photo and Signature

Once you are qualified and your application is encoded, you can now go to the designated area wherein your photo and signature will be taken. After that, all you have to do is wait for your name to be called.

Step 4 Payment of Fees

When your name gets called, just head onto the Cashier and pay all the necessary fees. The License itself amounts to Php 585, but there are also other fees like application and computer fees.

Step 5 Driving Test

In order to get your Non-Professional Driving’s Test, you also need to take the a written examination that is the Basic Driving Theory Test. This written examination for Non-Professional Driver’s License consists of 40 items and you need to get a score of 30 in order to pass.

Once you have passed the written examination, the next step is to take the practical driving test; and when you have passed both examinations, that is when the application will be approved by the Approving Officer.

Step 6 Releasing of your Non-Professional Driver’s License

After all that, your Non-Professional Driver’s License will finally be released alongside the Official Receipt. Do remember to have your name written and your signature affixed on the Release Form.

There you have it! That’s how you obtain your Non-Professional Driver’s License, but do take note that it is only valid for five years; and under the new policy, you can only apply for a Professional Driver’s License about a year after obtaining a Non-Professional Driver’s License.

*Featured Photo by LTO Exam Reviewer

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