Manila Marriott Turns Their Hotel Rooms Into A Conducive WorkSPACE

Working remotely sure has been a fun ride for almost all of us and as much as it has its perks, it definitely has its perils as well. Online meeting could mean your kids bickering could be heard by your officemates or all the ruckus that is happening in the house could be seen or also you will be on freeze from time to time as all of you in the house are sharing the same WIFI connection. And so yes, truth be told, working from home may have shooed away the stress that everyday commute has to offer, but it has always taken a toll on a conducive workspace we all know we need.

But then again, if what you really want is a peaceful working environment wherein you will be able to maximize all your work time for actual work you need to do, then we think you should know that Manila  Marriott is offering their Deluxe Room and Deluxe Suite for Php 4000 and Php 8000, respectively, as a beneficial workspace. Manila Marriott has taken convenience to a whole new level as they have repurposed their hotel rooms into office spaces in which you will be getting a high-speed internet, free parking, a 20-percent-discount on food and beverage, including in-room dining, and even special rates for Business Center and Concierge Services. Absolutely not bad, right?

For both rooms, you could boost productivity from 7AM to 7PM all thanks to Manila Marriott’s fully-equipped workspace free from distraction, with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner just a call away! Plus, the hotel staff is accommodating as they also employ rigorous protocols in in order to keep all surfaces clean with hospital-grade disinfectants. They also have used enhanced technology which includes electrostatic sprayers for them to sanitize surfaces, as well as ultraviolet light technology to sanitize guest keys and devices.

No need to worry about your security, too, as Manila Marriott has heightened their safety and sanitation protocols, even in their restaurant outlets. No dount, Manila Marriott is on top with everything as their mobile technology provides reassurance and distancing options, too, and inspection points for themal scanning, hand sanitation, and foot bath are placed upon entry of the hotel as well.

Photo by Manila Marriott

The concept behind Manila Marriott’s repurposing of hotel rooms into a conducive workspace promotes work-life balance as their room let you relax as well and have you wanting to spend family time once you return home, too.

For more information, you can visit Manila Marriott’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website. You can also reach them at 0917-5849565.

*Featured Photo by Manila Marriott

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