What’s New? Find out what new munchies House of Lechon has for you!

House of Lechon has been the talk of the town in the gorgeous city of Cebu. With beautiful, headturner interiors; homey, cozy setting; friendly, accommodating staff and crew; filling, delectable dishes; House of Lechon’s dining and service gaming really are on point, even with a little extra umph making you want to go back over and over and over again!

Offering a ton of yummy dishes we absolutely loved, we are happy to get first dibs on sone of their new releases and we are even more giddy to show you and make you drool like we did!

1.) Chicken Wings Parmesan

Chicken wings are already the bomb! But then again, House of Lechon decided to cheesify it and bam – say hello to their oh-so-tasty Chicken Wings Parmesan which made us a lil bit handsy, but we are not even complaining.

2.) Barbecue

We pinoys are fans of easy eats and grilled treats on sticks are no exception, right? And so, before anything else, you are so going to adore House of Lechon because they finally have some Barbecue! This grilled, saucy goodness is def a must-try!

3.) Tangigue Salpicao Rice Topping

Tell your fam you forgot to cook rice and you sure will get an earful. Anyway, with us, Pinoys, having an undying love for rice, House of Lechon is treating us with some carb realness as they launch their flavorful Tangigue Salpicao Rice Topping! Scoop it all up until you have none left, ready?

4.) Sizzling Spicy Squid

Feeling a bit dull lately? Looking for some sizzle that would excite you to wake up with enthusiasm? Well, House of Lechon’s Sizzling Spicy Squid is the reason you have been searching for! This one would def put some colorful spice in your life – the one you have been missing as you have been stressed with everything that has been happening.

5.) 1/8 Carcar Lechon

Having the name House of Lechon, many go to them, of course, for their ever-delicious lechon! Offering big servings, there are solo diners that just can’t finish it all up, so now you don’t have to worry whether you will be able to devour everything or not, because House of Lechon serves a small portion, their 1/8 Carcar Lechon!

6.) Crispy Fried Shrimp

Don’t you just love some texture? Don’t deny it because we know you do! This Crispy Fried Shrimp of House of Lechon will give you that delectable crisp you have been craving for and we are here to support you in your dreams of finally having it! Go for it!

7.) Garlicky Squid Balls

Street food has undeniably been a yummy part of the Filipino food scene. One of our faves is the squid balls and we can’t get enough of it as House of Lechon has put a garlic twist into it – we went hoorah for their Garlicky Squid balls, and you certainly would too!

8.) Batchoy

With seven new dishes down, let’s just not stop pigging out here at House of Lechon, shall we? Slurp some real flavorful stew that is their Batchoy and you will just understand us better as to why we just can’t help ourselves from digging in!

9.) Frozen Iced Tea

Last, but definitely not the least… After all the biting, the munching, and whatnot, we got ourselves a glass of fun refreshment that got us energized in no time – their Frozen Iced Tea! This zinging beverage of House of Lechon is a great pair to whatever choice of dish you go for. 

We indeed had a great time here at House of Lechon. Devouring a bunch of their classics, bestsellers, and now new items, you could probably say, we are absolutely fans of their oh-so-sumptuous work! And we are confident you will turn into one, too, if you get to dine with them as well.

Follow House of Lechon on their Social Media pages below:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HouseOfLechonCebu/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/houseoflechon/

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