8 Sitcoms to Binge Watch on Netflix

Hey. Stop that. Nope. Wait. I mean I understand if you are feeling a bit down lately, because I do get those waves of uncalled sad emotions, too, especially this enhanced community quarantine and we are all stuck at home… It doesn’t really matter if people are around you, right? If it hits you, it hits you and sometimes we just have to ride it. Well, if you want to be left alone and just ready to ride those feels, I got a list of sitcoms that sure made me smile and is making me smile again (and is going to make me smile)… sometimes even laugh, so here ya go!

1.) Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Photo from Brooklyn Nine-Nine Facebook Page

To be honest, I was a little hesitant watching this one, because I’m not that much game for anything police. I have nothing against the police, it’s just that it never occurred in my mind that a precinct setting could be funny, but here I am eating my own words. What I love about this series is it has diversty, kickass women, real relationships, Halloween heists, and Cheddar! It also tackles real issues and the jokes, man, the jokes. Really, you have got to watch this.

2.) The Good Place

Photo from The Good Place Facebook Page

In one of our family holiday trips, I was looking for something to watch in the hotel television and I saw an episode of The Good Place and I promised myself to remember its title because it piqued my interest, but then a lot had happened and I forgot about it, until recently when I saw a clip of it on Facebook. There Good Place – there’s nothing like it on TV as of the moment, that I am sure of. From its extremely carefully and awesomely crafted world, to its twists, turns, and more twists, this one really is hilarious and you should definitely watch it now!

3.) How I Met Your Mother

Photo from How I Met Your Mother Facebook Page

Barney Stinson. Legen – wait for it – dary! There. That’s all the reason you have got to watch How I Met Your Mother. Just kidding (but not really)! As light and funny this series is, How I Met Your Mother really teaches a lot of lessons in life, especially in love. However, I’m a total yellow umbrella girl, so don’t try flipping me to your smurf penis aka blue French horn side. Thanks.

4.) Grace & Frankie

Photo from Grace & Frankie Facebook Page

This next thing I’m going to say may sound superficial and maybe even silly to others, but I’m scared of growing old. I don’t even like to acknowledge my age, because I am in denial. However, that anxiety I feel regarding getting old has somehow calmed down thanks to this series – Grace & Frankie. They are both badass women that have defied their age and they sure know how to have a party and have fun which I’m kind of worried I won’t be able to do when I get old. However, this one is not all about that, because it has so much more to teach in a laugh-while-you-learn-about-life-lessons.

5.) Community

Photo from Community Facebook Page

This one was introduced to me by a special someone in my life. Ironically, I was in college when I started watching it, and I guess that is why I got hooked with it. This show reminded me how each of us is really different and that being weird and silly is actually normal and I absolutely loved how a group of misfits in an effective study group have appreciated each other as a community. Oh, by the way, if you want to see young Childish Gambino, then you seriously have to watch this!

6.) Parks & Recreation

Photo from Parks and Recreation Facebook Page

Filipinos are said to be having a hard time identifying satire which I think Parks & Recreation is all about – and honestly, that’s what I love about it. This mockumentary, as identified by some, is recommended to me by one of my college bestfriends and I thank her for getting me on this ride. This one is about turning the pit into a park as it will benefit the community and that’s a really shallow and vage way to put it, but really, you have got to watch it for yourself. Plus, If you want to go more crazy about Aubrey Plaza, then  what else are you waiting for?

7.) Friends

Photo from FRIENDS TV Show Facebook Page
Photo from FRIENDS TV Show Facebook Page

This one is a classic. I love this. I am in love with this. I remember watching this before going to classes or else I will be grumpy the whole day. I love how each of them really grew and developed. If you are going to ask me who my favorite character is, I won’t be able to answer, but then I know who my least favorite is and I’m not going to say who it is, because I don’t want to start an uproar. Just know that this one is all about love, relationships, careers, growth, and everything in between, that’s why this one is timeless, because one way or another, everyone could relate to someone or something in this series. Just watch it, okay?!

8.) Kim’s Convenience

Photo from Kim’s Convenience Facebook Page

This one is what I am currently watching. Yes, I found out about just this #quarantineszn and I could say it’s hilarious and heartwarming at the same time. Kim’s Convenience – this is about a Korean-Canadian fambam that owns a convenience store. It’s feel-good, it’s chill, it undeniably makes me laugh (and sometimes teary-eyed) and that’s why I like it. This one mostly revolves around family and friendships and if you want that would remind you of that, then you better really start watching this. Also, I just want to make a PSA and that is none other than the fact that Jung Kim is a snacc.

Sitcoms really are my thing since I love just having a good time. It really is good to cry from time to time, but sometimes, you just also need to forget about your problems and laugh at the misery of others… and by that I mean the stupidity, the embarrassing choices, and honestly, the questionable life decisions the characters of the shows make. It makes everything for me lighter, so I hope it does wonders for you, too. There are still a lot of comedy shows I haven’t finished or even have started, for that matter, like The Office, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, Great News, The 70s Show – like really a lot – and I promise to get to that soon, so if you have some recommendations, too, that would be greatly appreciated!

*Featured Photo from Netflix Facebook Page

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