What’s up with Zesty Granita Semi-Frio by Tittos Latin BBQ and Brew?

Dessert. That’s the word. That’s it. That’s the article.

Just kidding, that’s not just it! Desserts are like the ribbon to an already yummy meal time that is a gift. It binds everything together, caps off a rather savory dining experience, and gives the diner an oh-so-sweet kiss to end. Sweet – that’s how desserts are known. They are sweet. They are what every person who has a huge sweet tooth to fill looks forward to in every eating moment… and that is not a sin. It may usually be considered a cheat on a strict diet, but it does not make anyone a criminal nor a sinner.

Anyway, as desserts are known to be sweet, the Zesty Granita Semi-Frio (Php 225) of Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew says otherwise. This delectable treat gives dessert a whole new definition; it being a blend of zesty and sour thanks to everything that is in it

What is in it, anyway? Well, the reason of this unique dessert not being sweet is because of it actually being of lemon ice cream topped with passion fruit chia gel, lime granite, candied lemon zest, and mint. Yes, lemon is the culprit or rather lemon is the blessing behind this rejuvenating one-of-a-kind dessert slash palate cleanser.

That’s another yes to this ender! It is not only a dessert, but also a palate cleanser. With all the flavors and spices enjoyed, the tast ebuds could get overwhelmed and this Zesty Granita Semi-Frio (Php 225) of Tittos Latin BBQ & Brew is the one to rescue the overwhelmed palate and cleanse it, preppin it for another food adventure!

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