Everything Cheese: Here are 4 Cheesified Yummies by En Tirage

Cheese makes everything better, doesn’t it? Cheese is like a blessing from the heavens that no one deserves, but everyone is going crazy for. Cheese is cheese and no one could say otherwise!

That being said, En Tirage in Mandaluyong has a bunch of yummies that cheese – their cheese – has surely elevated. They have their own play on their cheese and that’s what’s so special about it; and with that here are four yummily cheesified dishes by En Tirage:

1.) Five Cheese Pizza (Php 470)

Three cheese? Nah. Four cheese? Come on! En Tirage has gone insane when it comes to cheese and it is a good thing, because without them crazy with cheese, their Five Cheese Pizza would not be born! This aromatic tones of mozzarella, cheddar, provolone, al vino, and feta cheese drizzled with shiitake is one of their latest product launches that really is of innovation and yum!

2.) Supremo All Meat Pizza (Php 565)

Meat lovers will absolutely love this pizza variant by En Tirage as it doesn’t only has generous toppings that are of bacon, sausage, chorizo, and ground beef, but what’s even more fall-in-love worthy about this pizza is none other than it having  bleu cheese on a beer batter crust!!

3.) Entirage Buffalo Wings with Bleu Cheese

Another dish by En Tirage that has yummy bleu cheese, this time, as a dip is their Buffalo Wings! The kick that the buffalo wings has is balanced out by its bleu cheese dip and together, this dish will make their diners speechless as they will be busy eating with their hands and munching on it non-stop.

4.) Nachos and Cheese-Meat Overload Dip (Php 305)

And the last, but absolutely not the least entry in this oh-so-cheesy list is none other than En Tirage’s Nachos and Cheese-Meat Dip. It’s a mouthwatering plate of nachos served with another plate of cheese dip cream sauce with chorizo, beef, olives, jalapeno, cheddar, and mozzarella! This Nachos dish is just so good as its cheese is separated from the chips, hence, the chips do not get soggy after some time. Plus, the cheese sauce has a secret surprise that only the owners know about and for you to maybe find out!

Follow En Tirage on their Social Media Page

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EnTirage/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/entirage/

Address: G/F Unit 6 Bldg C Mandala Park, Shaw Blvd, Pleasant Hills, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0956 720 8710

Hours of Operation: Monday to Thursday 11AM to 1AM; Friday 11AM to 12AM; and Saturday 2PM to 1AM

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