Farmers Love Agri Farm: a quick tiis-ganda visit to a flower farm in Tarlac

Farmers Love Agri Farm (also known as Sunflower Farm or Flower Farm, if you search “where to go” on Google. Hehe) is one of the most-visited tourist spots in Tarlac these days. Apparently, people love flowers in their travel pictures and all because I notice flower farms are currently in trend.

As for me, I just love looking at these colorful views. If not for the blog, taking pictures wouldn’t be in my to do list, really. There are times, I have to admit, that I forget to take pictures because I was enjoying the experience so much.

I call this trip to Farmers Love Agri Farm a tiis-ganda trip obviously because it was too hot when we visited. We went there on January so I’m sure it’s even hotter during summer season. But I suggest you go there between March to May as these flowers usually have their full bloom within these months.

I think it’s best if you visit very early in the morning or before sunset to avoid the peak hours of sunshine. Plus if you’re here for the ‘Gram, morning and sunset photos will never fail.


Tarlac is a landlocked province of the Philippines located in the Luzon island. Its capital is Tarlac City. Tarlac borders Pampanga to the south, Nueva Ecija to the east, Pangasinan to the north, and Zambales to the west. It is a part of Central Luzon, which is composed of Aurora, Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, and Zambales.

Tarlac’s name is a Hispanized derivation from a talahib weed called in Ilokano word “Malatarlak”. Tarlac was originally a part of the provinces of Pampanga and Pangasinan. It was the last Central Luzon province to be organized under the Spanish administration in 1874. During the Philippine Revolution of 1896, Tarlac was one of the first eight provinces to rise in arms against Spain. It became the new seat of the first Philippine Republic in March 1899 when Emilio Aguinaldo abandoned the former capital, Malolos, Bulacan. This lasted only for a month, as the seat was moved to Nueva Ecija in Aguinaldo’s attempt to elude the pursuing Americans.



The Farmer’s Love Agri Farm is located along Luisita Road in Barangay Mapalaciao, Tarlac City, between 6AM to 6PM. Just four to five hours away from Manila, you can explore the fields of different kinds of colorful flowers for only P60* entrance fee per adult. Discounted rates for senior citizens and kids are P50* and P40*, respectively.

*rates are as of January 2020.


From Manila, ride a bus going to Tarlac City and get off at Luisita. Easy-to spot landmarks: Robinsons Supermarket/McDonald’s/Starbucks. From there, ride a jeep going to Asturias and ask the driver to drop you off at the farm or Farmer’s Love Agri Farm. You can also book for a GrabCar or charter a tricycle for P70* per way.

*rate/s are as of January 2020.


  • It’s best if you visit very early in the morning or before sunset to avoid the peak hours of sunshine. Plus if you’re here for the ‘Gram, morning and sunset photos will never fail.
  • Give yourself a favor and bring an umbrella or a cap to protect yourself from the heat of the sun.
  • STAY HYDRATED! Bring at least a small bottle of drinking water.
  • Wear comfy and (Instagrammable) clothes. Or just comfy, because who cares, right?
  • Wear sunblock. Many think wearing sunblock is for “maaarte” but this is mainly to protect your skin from the harsh heat of the sun.

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