#StayAtHome: Grocery Delivery Services in Metro Manila

If you think it’s summer season, then think again, because, sis, it’s quarantine szn! Just kidding! This enhanced community quarantine has really been kicking some plans here and there, even the ones people have usually been doing before all this – like eating out, going running, or even just doing some grocery shopping. Don’t deny it, because we all miss it, okay? It’s fine, we are here for you as much as you are also here for us!

Anyway, with the enhanced community quarantine comes the quarantine pass which is like a hallway pass for when you were in school and you need to go to the comfort room in the middle of the class, but this time it is a pass used by one member of a household to be able to actually go outside of the comfort and safety of their houses and do errands – and as much as that is smart in lessening the spread of the virus and to keep people in their houses, it is also hard, because that one member doesn’t really know everything, so sometimes, when that person comes back from grocery shopping, there are a few items on the list that are not bought. Well, as that is the case, here are a few grocery delivery services in Metro Manila for your family to have everything you need:

1. Metromart

Photo grabbed from Metromart Facebook Page

Metromart is online delivery service enabling consumers to purchase items from nearby merchants and have these items delivered to their doorstep – convenient, right? This one has a website and is available for download on both IOS and Android. Its Mode of Payment is Cash on Delivery and Credit Card and their delivery schedule is from 11AM to 10PM.

2. LazMart

Photo grabbed from Lazada Facebook Page

Lazada is a well-known online shopping platform – from clothes to appliances, they probably got that covered! And of course, as they are offering a variance of items, groceries included, their LazMart is where customers could get their everyday items. Available on the web and both on IOS and Android. Their Mode of Payment is Cash on Delivery, Credit Card, GCash, BDO Installment, and of course, Lazada Wallet, and their delivery schedule is the day after customers have placed their order.

3. WalterMart Supermarket

Photo grabbed from WalterMart Supermarket Facebook Page

Said to be a pioneer in grocery delivery service in the Philipppines, WalterMart Supermarket aims to provide convenience to their customers as they are available on their website and both in IOS and Android for download. Purchases from them could be paid through Cash on Delivery, Swipe on Delivery Credit Card, GCash, and GrabPay; and they offer same day delivery.

4. The Green Grocer

Photo grabbed from The Green Grocer Facebook Page

The Green Grocer delivers only the freshest harvest of organic produce, grass-fed, and all natural meats, farm-direct dairy products, premium deli items, and other grocery items right at the doorstep of their customers. Their products come from different locations such as Tagaytay, Laguna, Batangas, Benguet, Negros, and Bukidnon. They have a website so people could check them out, and their Modes of Payment are Cash on Delivery, Bank Deposit, and Paypal. Their Delivery Schedule is every Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

5. Pushkart.ph

Photo grabbed from Pushkart.ph Facebook Page

This one is an online delivery service developed by a group of young and innovative Filipino millennials aiming to ensure fast, convenient, and safe delivery of groceries that are of fresh meats, kitchen necessities, baby and toddler care, snacks, personal care, and even pet care right at their patrons’ doorstep. They have a website to order from as well as they are available on both IOS and Android. Coins.ph and Credit Card are their Modes of Payment as they offer next-day-delivery once order is placed.

6. Puregold Mobile

Photo grabbed from Puregold Facebook Page

Puregold is another known supermarket here in the Philippines which Pinoys get their necessities from. Their Puregold Mobile application is available on IOS and Android and their Mode of Payment is In-Store and Credit and Debit Cards, and GCash. This one actually is not available for delivery, but they sure are good for in-store pick up which means you could do your shopping on your mobile and then just pick it up at a branch near you.

8. Pacific Bay

Photo grabbed from Pacific Bay Facebook Page

Paific Bay offers delivery of frozen seafood as well as poultry products within Metro Manila with Cash on Delivery, Major Credit Cards, GCash, and Paypal as their payment methods. Their delivery schedule has been changed from same day delivery to a limited time only from 8AM to 4PM to ensure their staff get home safely and within the strict curfew period. Check them out on their website.

*Kindly keep in mind and do check about delivery announcements of each as some of these platforms actually implement limited delivery slots, to be able to deliver their service to the demands of their customers better, considering the load they are getting each and every day.

*Featured photo by ainastein

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