5 Ways to Beat Mental Stress this #QuarantineSzn

With the aim to distance ourselves from each other in order to stay safe and healthy; this isolation, alongside the anxiety and fear of the pandemic looming over our heads, could make us at risk of mental health issues. This enhanced community quarantine is all fun and games during the start until it all got extended and everyone realized they don’t have that many hobbies to keep them sane. Just kidding! As much as staying at home is comfy, not being able to go out for quite some time sure could also be draining, especially mentally, so here are a few more activities, you might want to check out and do to #fighttheboredom as well as fight the blues:

1. Clean your Space

Keeping it clean is our top priority as we try to protect ourselves and our family from the virus, but also keeping our space clean could give our mind a refreshing reboot from all the clutter that seems to be keeping our mind clogged up. This way we could see better and we could see things that we could maybe do or focus more on.

2. Learn a New Skill

Speaking of doing things or focusing our energy on our priorities, we could also use this time to learn a new skill. Been wanting to get in touch with your musical side? Better grab you guitar from the back of your cabinet! Been craving for a bit of color and fun in your almost dull days at home? Dig up your art materials from under your bed! There are also a lot of stuff in the internet… Have you been wanting to learn how to cook or maybe do calligraphy? Well, whatever it is, you could sure learn it now! Just type away, search away, read away and learn something that interests you and come out with a new skill after all this.

3. Exercise

As almost everything is a click away from you, you could also check out some workout videos on Youtube that would suit your level and of course, preference. There are 5-minute, 10-minute, and even hours of different workout videos you could choose from like HIIT, Crossfit, Yoga, Zumba, and so much more! And you know what? Exercising is not only for you to kill time, but also it is said to produce endorphins which could help in boosting your mood.

4. Meditate

In line with exercising, you could also meditate. Doing this will allow you to connect with your inner self and even help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. This one will definitely be able to make you feel like the heaviness on your shoulder will get lifted. And do you have any idea what the best part about this is? It’s that you don’t need much to do it! All you need is some time, and a quiet and comfortable space. There are a lot of meditation content you could see and follow on the internet, mobile applications are also available, alongside some soothing music to help you get started. However, you could also just indulge yourself in silence, if that’s how you more like it.

5. Build and/or Strengthen Relationship

 Hold up, though, because you might be practicing social distancing, but that doesn’t mean to close off on all social opportunities and just totally cut off your connections with other people. You could actually use this time to spend more moments with your family and video call your friends and relatives. Also, you could talk to new people online – get to know others outside your circle and grow your network even more.

*Featured Photo/GIF by lostchel

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