#StayAtHome: Tips for Working from Home

If you think the world is now so advanced that a pandemic won’t hit it, then you better think again, because that is the reality now. Cities have been on lockdown, curfews are implemented, and there are even quarantine passes to present at every checkpoint. Yes, the world is now like in a dystopian YA novel, this is not a drill!

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As cases of the Coronovirus continue to rise and people have been told to stay home, most office jobs have been transferred to work from home, too, and people seem to be having a hard time adjusting and distinguishing the feeling of being at home and being in a cubicle or on a table in the office, so here are some tips to tell the body and the mind that working from home doesn’t mean stay online and be a couch potato, rather it means staying productive even though being at home.

1. Have a Wake Up Time

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Working at home doesn’t mean waking up any time of the day just because you like it that way. Set an alarm, make sure it could be heard, and strictly follow it even though home is the only place to be in during this time.

2. Have a Morning Ritual

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This means don’t just grab the laptop and start working, but actually get up from the bed, take a bath, and eat your breakfast, so to condition the mind and the body that office time is approaching and this is the time to prepare for it.

3. Get Ready

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Like the morning ritual, but this time, in regards to outfits and how one looks. Working from home does not mean topless and underwear, but rather dress up a bit like a comfy top and bottoms, if corporate is just too much.

4. Set Up a Distinct Workspace

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Spaces affect the mind so much. It is important to have a separate space that tells the mind it is work time. This does not mean to have a room dedicated just for office. This means to at least stay away from the bed or the couch as these two could suck out the productivity and turn people into a couch potato instead.    

5. Create a To-Do List

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To-Do List is such a tiny thing to do and yet it seems like an added annoying task. However, a to-do list does wonders as it also gives a sense of achievement and gratification every time a task has been done, so really, just try it!

6. Avoid Distractions

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This one is hard. It’s not a secret that people are easily distracted, so put the mobile phone as far away as possible from the workspace and instead, have some breaks so as to not get overworked as well.

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Being able to work from home is really a privilege as not everyone is given the option to do it. There are underprivileged people still going out even though the quarantine is strictly implemented just to be able to put food on their table and acknowledging this kind of privilege while understanding the situation won’t hurt, and so, these tips hopefully will be able to help out in conditioning and stimulating the mind to be able to deliver the tasks and end another fruitful day at work.

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