Stuck in Quarantine? Here are 5 things you Can do to #FighttheBoredom

One of the biggest struggles of some of us who suddenly found ourselves with a lot of time on our hands during this enhanced community quarantine is to not fall into the deep deep abyss of boredom. So, before you drive yourself crazy trying hard to learn the steps of Renegade, or counting the holes of a skyflakes cracker, check out these  5 things that you can do with your time while you #StayHome.

Get Acquainted with Classic Movies

         If you’re getting tired of your usual list of movies and series, why not dip your toes into the past and checkout timeless favorites that you always keep hearing about but never really got the time to watch? Sure the cinematography, the effects and even the sound of old movies can’t be compared to the new ones we have now, but they have this kind of allure and truly captivating stories that would keep you entertained. Besides, it will give you a glance at how the world was back then. Check out classic romance movies like Casablanca, Some like it Hot, and Breakfast at Tiffany’s or discover the foundations of your modern-day scary movies with classic tales like Psycho, Rosemary’s Baby, Nosferatu and The Shining.


Take Online Classes on Things you Love

Have you always been interested in creative writing? Want to enhance your skills in baking? Or maybe you want to learn new tricks on makeup or hairstyling? There are dozens of instructional and educational videos online that could help you learn something new about things that you enjoy doing. From youtube videos to websites like or that offer free online classes, opportunities to learn on the internet are limitless. Who knows, maybe you can come out of this quarantine with enough knowledge and skills to explore business opportunities or even new careers.


Clean Your House – Marie Kondo Style

Now is the time to look for the things that #SparkJoy in your life and let go of those which do not. You can check out the famous author and Netflix Show star, Marie Kondo’s effective tips on tidying up. All these hours stuck in your own home can be the perfect time to reorganize, declutter and reinvent your sanctuaries. While this may seem like hard work, I guarantee that you will thank yourself once you see your home lit more brightly, with much more space than you ever realize, and much much more comfortable.

marie kondo.png

Start Working on Your 2020 #ReadingChallenge

         If you are one of the many book lovers who promise themselves every day to read more and have taken a Reading Challenge at the start of the year, there is no other perfect time to start on your Bucket List than now. Whether it’s those young adult fictions that you hoarded last Big Bad Wolf Fair or that book series that you have been wanting to binge read but never had the time to, you can go ahead and read #onemorechapter, since you don’t have to worry about getting up too early the next day. You can even come up with a challenge with your fellow bookworms to see who would be able to finish the most books for the duration of this enhanced community quarantine.

reading challenge.jpg

Volunteer Your Time to Help

Being stuck in our homes doesn’t mean we are devoid of opportunities to help our country fight this war against the Covid19 pandemic. Doing proper research and sharing useful, credible, information to our friends and loved ones would do wonders for our fight against the virus. Since we have a lot of time, we can take all the minute we need to verify the information that we will be sharing. In times like this, nothing is more important than a population that is well informed with facts. Some agencies and groups are also looking for people who are willing to volunteer their skills and talent while on the comforts of their own home – check out this Rappler article to see if there’s something that fits your bill

During these hard times, while our health workers and front liners are braving the outside to continue to provide the services that our community needs, we are tasked with the very important duty to stay at home and help prevent the further spread of the virus. So while we keep on this duty, let’s try to make the most of it by doing what we love, improving ourselves, and helping whenever we can.


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