Here are 5 things you will no doubt adore at Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel is truly an amazing resort that everyone should be able to visit and just enjoy! Thay have a lot to offer as they are hectares of land filled with great surprises like a variance of recreational activities as well as fabulous dining options that sure are fresh and delicious!

That being said, here are five things that are must-try experiences here at the amazing resort, Club Balai Isabel:

1. Aqua Park

The Aqua Park of Club Balai Isabel is the ultimate inflatable water park that prides itself with a stunning view of Taal,  at the same time being the thrill to your adventurous soul that seeks the rush you have been craving for while sitting in your desk and eating your days with loads of work-stress on your shoulders. Walk, run, climb, jump, slide, and maybe even fly with Club Balai Isabel’s Aqua Park!

2. Water Activities

Hungry for more adventure? Fret not, because their Aqua Park is not the only source of dash you have. They offer a ton of feel-the-blood-coursing-through-your-veins water escapades such as Banana Boat, Kayak, Jetski, Speed Boat, UFO, Flyfish, and good ole Swimming. Surely, there’s something to satisfy your appetite for exciting happenings!

3. Sumptuous Filipino delicacies as well as Batangas specialties

Club balai Isabel being in Batangas highlights the colorful and palatable dishes of the Batangueños. Delight in not only hearty, but also homey Pinoy and exceptional Batangueño goodies at their Terraza Restaurant! You can also enjoy munching on more tasty treats that are of freshly baked breads and pastries that are a spread of Pinoy faves, French breads, and Italian nomnoms at their Isabel’s Panaderia & Pizzeria.

4. Locally sourced goodies

Being a local brand themselves, Club Balai Isabel is proud to be giving people the farm-to-table experience that is of their Balai Organiks wherein they grow and pick their own ingredients from. Aside form that, they also provide folks with the lake-to-plate experience in which their guests and diners will be able to enjoy with fish caught right at their doorstep.

5. Zero Carbon

More into being local, Club Balai Isabel continues to support local as well not only by having home-grown produce which is their small part on sustainability, but also getting their other sources from neighboring towns, giving their guests and diners a delectable dining experience while protecting the environment.

Club Balai Isabel undeniably is a lot to take, but definitely not something you will find overwhelming as you probably would even be more excited to explore what they have, what they could provide further, especially in terms of recreation and dining, so Club Balai Isabel will absolutely love to see you soon!

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