6 Ways to Making the World a Better Place: Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort on Sustainability and Why it is the New Trend

Our planet is as old as time, maybe it is even older, and with that it has been through so much – good things and bad. There is no denying how it is having a hard time coping up with everything that is happening like urbanization, advancement in a lot of fields, among others.

Don’t get us wrong, improving our way of life is something to be proud of as it has made so many things easier for us. Humans have gone a long way, too, but also we have somehow overlooked and have neglected our environment, thinking it has always been there for us so it will always be here with us; but then again, like many things it has its limits just like how it is hurting now and we should be conscious about its pleas and stand up for it.

That being said, being Iloilo’s first sustainable resort, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort have put it into their own hands to save and continue protect Mother Nature as they have transitioned to a more sustainable ecosystem, giving focus on not only their products, but indeed their services as well. Everything that is Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort empowers the community, protects the environment, all the while provides quality hospitality experience to everyone that decides to stay with them.

1.) Reliant on their Shores

Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is surrounded by gorgeous waters and from there they get their delicious offerings that you can have at their atSea Restaurant which is of soul fusion food, highlighting blue food. You can read all about it here.

2.) Using Locally Sourced Organic Products of the Iloilo area

More on the blue food concept, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is proud to be adhering to their farm-to-table concept, providing healthy, nutritious, and chemical-free dishes. Check out what delectable dishes they have here.

3.) Minimizing the Environmental Impact on their Daily Operations

As the saying goes small steps combined make a huge impact and that is exactly what Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is doing. They do their best in being a warrior for the environment that even the smallest bit of protecting it such as not using plastics and opting for reusable containers and whatnot are what they are pushing for.

4.) Exerting Effort to Reducing Waste Production

More about minimizing their impact, they do not use disposable products, especially with their cutlery set. Unlike others who continue to use plastic spoons, forks, and even straws which unfortunately, end up into the seas, being eaten by animals like cute turtles, fish, and other marine creatures.

5.) Hiring Staff that Share their Vision

Being a protector of the environment is no easy task, especially people have been living the “convenient life” ever since they have had a taste of it and Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort knows that, so they want to employ advocates that are passionate about Mother Nature as well.

6.) Generally Limiting Chemical Use

Change is gradual. There is no denying that. You can’t just outlive a bad habit overnight and so, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is making all this effort – from using all-natural cleaning materials to practicing organic composting – because being aware and watchful of what’s hurting the environment is really something they take into account.

Truly, Adhara Eco-Boutique Resort is firm on their stand as you cannot deny how impactful each and every little decision we, humans, make, regardless if it is on the food we eat or even the things we use. It has been an old saying that the youth is the hope of the nation, but then again, how is it that the people longer who have stayed in this big blue marble have passed that kind of responsibility to children? How will there be any youth even when our planet is getting more hurt each and every day and people just shrug their shoulders like it is not their fault everything is crumbling down?

We should not be putting this heavy of a responsibility on the shoulders of the younger generations, but rather we should start building a better place for not only them to live in, but also for us because the clock is ticking and all we are doing is living what we perceive is the best life when really we could have better if we start being conscious and start acting now, so let’s get our bums going and give sustainability a shot because it is absolutely worth it!

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