Best-Loved: 5 must-sees and must-tries here at 7Twenty7 Diner

Jammin’ since 2017, 7Twenty7 Diner will give you a throwback to the glam and razzle-dazzle life in the 50s with their 50s inspired diner that has all the funkiness you sure would love as well. Speaking of love, 7Twenty7 Diner is actually a passion project of a hubby and wifey tandem that has been dreaming about having a business even before they were married.

They were actually planning to open up just a simple restaurant, but then a friend of theirs suggested to have something that would actually put them on the map; and that is exactly what happened. People have been going in and out of 7Twenty7 Diner, tables almost not empty, and the place just filled with families, friends, and even a few on a date.

Undeniably, 7Twenty7 is easy to love and we could not agree more! Here are a few things about 7Twenty7 that has no doubt pulled our hearts and made us checked our schedule as to when we can come back and try more of what they are offering.

1.) Design

Even outside, you could tell what surprise they have inside. The old school gasoline station from outside is such a treat to the eyes. And when you get inside, you are absolutely to love the red and white combination, the plush seating, and each and every bit of detail put into the jazzy space of 7Twenty7 Diner.

2.) Music

Oh, this one you certainly will adore, especially if you love some good ole’ fashion rock n’ roll! All thanks to the King of Rock n’ Roll, Elvis Presley and the ever-loved, ever-crazed band, The Beatles, you sure will munch on your chosen delicacies with some real sick beat.

3.) 50s Party Vibes

As they took inspiration from the 50s, of course, you won’t be able to help yourself but expect that you are going to have a fun time that is of some 50s energy! Thanks to their Elvis Presley pinball, jukebox that plays all the great music you are going to hear and enjoy, and a beautiful vintage gramophone in one corner, you sure are in for a fab time with 7Twenty7 Diner.

4.) Delectable food and drinks

Of course, 7Twenty7 Diner is a diner but unlike the burgers and milkshakes combo that most diners have, they sure have a lot more to offer! Fill yourself up with a ton of yummy dishes which you can check out and tease your taste buds with here as well as easily gobble down by drinking some oh-so-rich and creamy milkshakes which you can imagine yourself sipping here until you snatch yourself a glass or two soon!

5.) Dolled up staff and crew

7Twenty7 Diner does not only stop the 50s theme with their space as their staff and crew are all dressed up like they have traveled time from the 50s as well! They are all so cute and fabulous in their polka dot dresses and red vests, ready to give you a sumptuous meal time.

Indeed, we totally loved our dining experience here at 7Twenty7Diner! We got to play with the Elvis Presley pinball machine plus jive to the tunes rolling from their funky jukebox all the while having the time of our lives with a bunch of their nomnoms and slurpies.

If you have an upcoming event, they have packages you can avail or you can customize it to your liking, too. Also, they are currently working on some promos for each day as currently they have some available for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

New additions to their lovely menu are also coming such as fish tacos, chicken burger, and jambalaya, among others. You can also check them out on Eatigo and avail their loyal cards.

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Address: Covelandia Road corner Fatima road, Barangay, Kawit, CaviteAddress:

Contact Number: 0926 728 8516

Hours of Operation: Sundays to Thursdays, 11AM to 12AM, Friday and Saturday, 11AM to 2AM

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