10 Must-tries at the Sunday Fiesta of Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen

Last June 9, Sheraton Manila Hotel recently launched their Sunday Fiesta in their very own S Kitchen. With gorgeous and elegant interiors, you would be able to munch on a wide variance of dishes that is beyond the usual buffet you have always known as this one is not only of Filipino cuisine, but an elevated and expanded one on that, in a global spread.

That being said, we have gone to their Sunday Fiesta a few Sundays back and we just want to share with you guys how satisfied and happy we stood up from our seats, thinking when can we go again. However, as we continue to think about our next visit at Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen and sink our teeth into their mound of yummy offerings, here is a bunch of must-tries when you get to try this fabulous buffet as well!

1.) Binalot na Laing

Laing has always been something we have adored. Veggies in a loco-worthy coco milk? Our answer is definitely a “Yes, please!”. As they put the Filipino cuisine into a whole different level, they have wrapped this popular veggie dish into another green, making it even more delicious and more fun to eat.

2.) Kare Kare Truffle

Aside from a Filipino veggie dish, another one brought to a new level by this Sunday Fiesta of Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen is this one! The sumptuous peanut-y flavored sauce with a hint of yummy truffle in every spoonful? Oooohh, such a delight, for sure!

3.) Kalderetang Kambing

Kaldereta is truly one of the Pinoy classic dishes that puts color in people’s lives as this is absolutely delicious, especially when it has that punch of spice! Usually of beef, Sheraton Manila Hotel went for goat instead, and that made us go back to the buffet table more than once.

4.) Chef Kiko’s Signature Pasta

You really want something out of the box? Try out this pasta specialty of their very own chef! Chef Kiko’s Signature Pasta is actually his take on the classic Bicol Express as he is a Bicolano himself! This delectable dish will have you ordering plate after plate of it like we did, no doubt.

5.) Adobong Crab

As this Sunday Fiesta of Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen has a load of seafood options, do not even dare forget to have a taste of their crabs! We got it cooked the Filipino way – Adobo – and it reminded us of the lip-smacking good Adobong Scallops we had at Carles, so be sure to try this one as well.

6.) Lumpia on Wheels

Watch out for this one because this one is roaming around S Kitchen with the aim to bring you some hand-held treat goodness. Choose whether you want lumpiang ubod or pork dinakdakan as a filling as well as pick your own lumpia wrapper as they have herbed crepe, casubja local saffron, and classic one.

7.) Tropical Gulaman

If gulaman is the kind of beverage you would go for, then this take of S Kitchen on your childhood nostalgia of a drink is such a level up for the adult you. Their Tropical Gulaman is of an alcoholic twist using local rum and apple balls that would have you refreshed in no time.

8.) Ice Cream Teppan

For dessert and for a more revitalizing option, they have different sundaes for you as well as this Ice Cream Teppan of theirs which is of rolls of ice cream! You can top it off with mini mallows, choco chips, nuts, and so much more!

9.) Pastries

Another dessert you could go for and we sure you will go for are their luscious pastries. Check out their mini ferris wheel that has macarons, macadamia praline, ube pastillas, and dark chocolate. They also have some mini cakes such as egg tart, strawberry roll, Sheraton chocolate cake, and sansrival cake.

10.) Kakanin

Last, but definitely not the least, to make this even more of a Filipino fiesta, of course, Kakanin are a must-try! You are going to love their sapin-sapin, biko, ube, maja, and even palitaw. You can top it with latik, pistachios, and coconut shavings.

There you have it! Here are 10 must-tries you certainly should not miss out on when you get to dine it at Sheraton Manila Hotel’s S Kitchen, specifically when you avail their Sunday Fiesta Buffet for Php 2500 per head, from 12PM to 3PM, which would bring your Filipino faves into a whole different level alongside some global munchies that would fill you up as well!

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